Looking back on the hilltop:

Some words after my promotion to Research Fellow

Ying-Cheng Chen

I like to consider my academic career as a process of mountain-climbing. At each stage, you choose a different mountain to climb. At the moment of your promotion, it is like you have climbed up a certain landmark. You take a rest to review what you have achieved along this journey, and you start to plan which mountain to climb next. The journey is certainly full of frustration and pain since the path is not very clear most of the time and you have to find your own way. However, it is also full of surprises and pleasures since you will see much beautiful scenery and learn many things during the journey. I am glad that I was promoted to Research Fellow this year. I enjoy my “mountain-climbing” in the IAMS. I would like to thank the four latest directors for their generous support. They are dedicated to helping junior faculties get stronger and to make the IAMS a stimulating and delightful environment. I would also like to thank my many colleagues, with whom I often share my frustration, complaints, tiredness, and excitement. Finally, I would like to thank my many former and current students, research assistants, and postdocs. Without their passion and hard-work in science, I wouldn’t have made it to this hilltop.