November 2022

This year we celebrate the 40th anniversary of IAMS. It is a wonderful and joyous occasion. I would like to congratulate IAMS on its many outstanding achievements over the past four decades, being well on its way in realizing the Institute founders’ dream of becoming one of the world’s recognized centers for innovative research.

I have had the honor and privilege to serve on the Academic Advisory Committee of IAMS since 2007. I have seen its tremendous growth in excellence and scientific diversity, with many exciting progresses made in the fundamental studies of chemical dynamics/spectroscopy, advanced materials, biophysics/biotechnology, as well as atomic physics/optical science. Generations of bright young researchers have joined IAMS to carry on cutting-edge activities and pave new directions for the Institute. With its enlightened management, outstanding faculty, and excellent facilities, I believe IAMS will continue to thrive in the next 40 years and make great leaps forward.

In the coming year, with the pandemic subsiding, I hope to resume close interaction with everyone at IAMS. I wish you all a fruitful and successful 2023.


Steven G. Louie
Chair, Academic Advisory Committee


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