2021 was an exciting year for our research. IAMS fellows presented their exciting research results to the reviewers and discussed the institute’s future developments both in the annual retreat and the five-year review.
The IAMS annual retreat was held at the National Taiwan Normal University, Linkou Campus on March 2nd and 3rd. Owing to the pandemic, we were not able to invite the committee members to physically visit us as we usually do biannually. Instead, we had fruitful discussions with them virtually. They were excited and curious about our research and gave us constructive suggestions about our institute’s future developments. We were also honored to have Dr. Sunney Chan and Dr. Yuan-Tseh Lee share their research experience, our institute’s history, and the dreams of Taiwan’s research blueprint.
In addition, the Academia Sinica five-year review was successfully accomplished on August 31st and September 1st. In this two-day review event, all four research divisions, including Chemical Dynamics and Spectroscopy, Advanced Materials and Surface Sciences, Biophysics and Bioanalytical Technology, and Atomic Physics and Optical Science, presented their important achievements from the past few years. We also highlighted several major research projects that are currently actively conducted by individual groups. Director Chen led discussions with reviewers on institutional strategic plans and hiring policies. We are confident that our institute will play important roles in several important research fields, such as quantum technology, in the following decade.



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