Kunyumba Research Highlights

Research Highlights

2021 Research Highlights

Development of ab initio Anharmonic Algorithms

The concept of potential energy surfaces (PESs) plays an essential role in molecular systems. Minima on PESs are associated with stable structures, and a given minimum harmonic frequency derived from the curvature is the...

G-quadruplex DNA and G-quadruplex ligands

Dr. Chang's group has focused on guanine-quadruplex (G4) DNA, particularly (1) the NMR study of conformational change of G4 DNA ; (2) imaging study of o-BMVC foci for G4 DNA in cells ; and...

Van der Waals heterostructure for 2D-semiconductor-based field-effect transistors

One of the major advantages of two-dimensional (2D) materials is the enormous versatility of their properties . By combining two or more distinct 2D materials to form van der Waals heterostructures, unprecedented opportunities to...

Rich Phenomena and Opportunities in the Quantum Interface of a Chirally-coupled Atomic Chain

Dr. Jen’s group recently investigated nonequilibrium dynamics in a chirally-coupled atomic chain which can be utilized as a quantum interface to retain the memory of initial quantum states and provide a means for...