Team of IAMS Researchers Selected to Conduct Translational Medicine Research Initiative in National Biotechnology Research Park

A project led by Jung-Chi Liao, Ph.D., IAMS Research Fellow, was selected as one of the first groups of projects to conduct the Translational Medicine Research Initiative in the National Biotechnology Research Park, Taipei.

This project supports market-oriented innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration in translational medicine. The selected projects are expected to enhance our international competitiveness in new drug development as well as medical equipment industries and contribute to creating an international biotechnology industry cluster.

Dr. Liao’s project aims to create a novel microscopy system that can not only image proteins of interest but also label and then isolate proteins at user-defined subcellular regions under the microscope. This patented image-guided photoinduced labeling system will be used to study subcellular spatial proteomics. Cell biology researchers can apply the system widely to reveal new protein–protein interactions and thus expand druggable proteomes for pharmaceutical applications. Joining the National Biotechnology Research Park will benefit Liao’s team in accelerating the commercialization process. Several biologists have already expressed high interest in using such a system in studying their research questions.

Dr. Liao is one of the 10 researchers selected for the Translational Medicine Research Initiative, which provides funding support and laboratory space privileges in the National Biotechnology Research Park for 3 years.