This award was established to encourage Postdoctoral Fellows to publish their innovative work in high-quality academic journals and to fund future elite scholars who have committed themselves to long-term scientific research.
Dr. Huang was one of the 40 awardees from all research fields this year. His research mainly focuses on anharmonic vibrational analysis. Researchers utilize vibrational spectroscopy to study the nuclear motion in molecular systems, and the explicit treatment of anharmonic coupling among different normal modes is key to understanding the complex features of high-resolution vibrational spectra. Dr. Huang and his colleagues in the Dr. Jer-Lai Kuo group analyzed the IR spectra of a series of proton-bound dimers with trimethylamine to investigate the ionic hydrogen bonds therein. Furthermore, they proposed a general model to illustrate the two-level-like behavior of multiple vibrational states with strong anharmonic coupling.
Dr. Huang would like to acknowledge the IAMS for their support in many aspects. “The IAMS is a fantastic institute for young scientist to carry out frontier research, to pursue excellence, and to fulfill our curiosity.” Said Dr. Huang.


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