2019 IAMS Junior Fellows named among Ministry of Science and Technology Assistant Research Scholars and Independent Postdoctoral Research Scholars

Dr. Yi-Fan Huang (left) and Dr. Jake A. Tan (right)

Yi-Fan Huang (postdoctoral researcher in Kuei-Hsien Chen’s group) and Jake A. Tan (postdoctoral researcher in Jer-Lai Kuo’s Group) won the 2019 IAMS Junior Fellowship and were named among the Assistant Research Scholars and Independent Postdoctoral Research Scholars, respectively, by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

The IAMS Junior Fellow Program is funded by IAMS to provide prestigious research opportunities for both domestic and international postdoctoral fellows to engage in frontier research at IAMS. Four awards are conferred each year to outstanding junior scholars with excellent track records and research potential.

As awardees of the IAMS Junior Fellowship, Yi-Fan and Jake were also named among the MOST Assistant Research Scholars and Independent Postdoctoral Research Scholars in 2019. These scholarships are awarded to junior researchers with outstanding research achievements in the early stage of their careers.

Yi-Fan currently studies two-dimensional metal sulfide materials and uses them as photocatalysts to convert carbon dioxide and water molecules into solar fuel. He thanks IAMS and Academia Sinica for their strong support of his research. “I would like to invite young researchers to join IAMS at Academia Sinica. IAMS is a place that hosts young researchers by providing the platform and resources for world-class research,” Yi-Fan said.

Jake was born in The Philippines and came to Taiwan as a Ph.D. fellowship recipient in the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TiGP) Molecular Science and Technology (MST) Program in cooperation with National Tsing Hua University. His work uses theoretical and computational chemistry to understand the vibrational structures of proton-bound dimers. “I would like to thank my academic supervisor, Prof. Jer-Lai Kuo, for giving me the opportunity and encouragement to compete for these fellowships,” Jake said.