IAMS Distinguished Researcher Receives Academia Sinica Investigator Award

Huan-Cheng Chang, Ph.D., IAMS Distinguished Research Fellow, won the 2018 Academia Sinica Investigator Award. The award is given to outstanding researchers at Academia Sinica to support them in pursuing innovative and long-term research goals with noteworthy effects.

Dr. Chang was one of the 13 researchers selected for the 2018 Academia Sinica Investigator Award and one of the 5 recipients in the fields of mathematics and physical sciences.

Quantum technology is a rapidly emerging field of science, and devices developed using the technology can actively create, manipulate, and read out quantum states of matter with unprecedented sensitivity, precision, and accuracy. Specifically, numerous new quantum technologies have recently been developed to investigate complex biological systems. The proposed study “Advancing life science research with quantum technologies” employs fluorescent nanodiamonds (FNDs) containing color centers as a new class of quantum sensors dedicated to advancing life science research. Dr. Chang and his teams have pioneered the FND field since 2005, and Dr. Chang will focus his research activities on this topic for the next 5 years as the next frontier of exploration.

Dr. Chang is also the recipient of the Ho Chin Tui Award (2014), the Outstanding Research Award (2015), the FutureTech Demo and Breakthrough Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (2017), and the France–Taiwan Scientific Foundation Prize (2019), and he was selected as the Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Chair Professor in 2017.