IAMS Researcher Receives 2019 Academia Sinica Junior Research Investigator Award

Chia-Lung Hsieh, Ph.D., IAMS Assistant Research Fellow, was the recipient of the 2019 Academia Sinica Junior Research Investigator Award.

The Academia Sinica Junior Research Investigator Award, one of the highest recognitions of research excellence for researchers aged younger than 42 years, is designed to encourage junior researchers in Taiwan to publish papers with major contribution to their research fields. This award is meant to enhance the research potential of young scholars within both Academia Sinica and other research institutions in Taiwan.

Hsieh was one of the only 10 researchers selected for the 2019 Junior Research Investigator Award and one of the four recipients working in mathematics and physical sciences. His research focuses on developing ultrahigh-speed optical microscopy techniques to investigate biophysics at nanometer-length scales.

Hsieh said that he wants to encourage junior researchers to study important topics that advance the frontiers of human knowledge and have a true impact on the community.

“Junior researchers have great creativity and the potential of conducting innovative research. It is a prime time to explore and enjoy science with the highest degree of freedom. I encourage the young scholars to be brave and ambitious to solve important problems and be proud of their research,” Hsieh said.