Yuh-Lin Wang, Ph.D., IAMS Distinguished Research Fellow, received the 2020 Best Paper Award from the Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society Located in Taipei. This invited review article entitled ‘Creating Anodic Alumina Nanochannel-Arrays with Custom-Made Geometry’ was co-authored by Dr. Chih-Yi Liu of the IAMS. It summarized various lithographic methods that have been developed to constrain the growth of self-organized anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) nanochannels and create an ideally long-range ordered array of nanochannels arranged in a custom designed geometry. Furthermore, it discussed the mechanism responsible for constraining the self-organized growth process.
Dr. Wang has employed AAO nanochannel arrays as templates for growing ordered arrays of Ag-nanoparticles with extremely narrow gaps between neighboring particles and fabricated an array of ‘hot-junctions’ for enhancing the Raman signals of molecules adsorbed near the junctions. Such substrates with very large and uniform surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)-enhancing power have been applied to study bacteria metabolites, monitor environmental toxins, screen food additives, and test the antibiotic susceptibility of bacteria in the blood of sepsis patients.
Dr. Wang is also the recipient of the Chemistry Academic Medal, Chemical Society Located in Taipei (2018); Academic Award, Ministry of Education (2017); Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology (2014); Nanotechnology Elite Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs (2010); Prime Minister Award for Outstanding Contribution in Science and Technology (2010); Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Chair Professorship (2009); and the Outstanding Scholar Award, Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship (2005). In addition, he was elected as a fellow of the Physical Society of Taiwan (2010) and the American Physical Society (2011).


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