Ching-Wei Lin, Ph.D., IAMS Assistant Research Fellow, received the 2021 Academia Sinica Career Development Award. This award is one of the four major grants from Academia Sinica and is specifically designed for recruiting and encouraging young scholars who have outstanding research potential for internationally relevant topics, offering a five-year fixed-term research funding to advocate world-class talent in Taiwan.
Dr. Lin joined the IAMS in 2020. His research focuses on photonic nanomaterials and their applications in biomedical imaging. He is especially interested in fluorescent nanomaterials that can be excited and emit at a tissue transparent window called the short-wave infrared (SWIR) region. In recent years, SWIR fluorescence imaging has been demonstrated to allow the observation of objects situated deep inside tissues, and it is expected to benefit early cancer detection and surgical debulking of small cancer nodules. The supported research titled “Next-generation bio-compatible short-wave infrared fluorescent quantum defects for cancer early detection” will develop bio-compatible SWIR fluorescent probes for clinical translation so that this technique can be used in humans.
“This award provides significant support and enables large-scope projects that require many years of effort. I am really very grateful that Academia Sinica and the IAMS provide such a great environment to help young scientists in Taiwan conduct research without worrying too much about funding issues.” said Dr. Lin.


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