The Ta-You Wu Memorial Award, one of the highest recognitions for domestic scholars who are less than 42 years old, is designed to encourage future academic elites to pursue long-term and high-impact scientific research.
Dr. Hsieh’s research focuses on the development of advanced optical microscope techniques for the investigation of rapid dynamics in biological systems. His group exploits high-speed scattering-based interference microscopy to measure the diffusive motion of single molecules and virus particles in live cells with unprecedented clarity. By analyzing these high-resolution data, his team tries to understand the underlying mechanisms of the complex biological phenomena that are closely connected to human health, including viral infection, aging, cancer, and neuronal diseases.
Dr. Hsieh has said that he wants to thank the committee for recognizing the interdisciplinary research achievements of his team. He wants to thank the former and current group members who have made advancements in technology and with whom he studied new sciences. He also wants to thank the IAMS for the continuous support of his research, which has been essential for his team to make scientific breakthroughs. He would especially like to thank his family and friends, who provide him a warm and splendid life as he explores science.



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